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Ministry Platform Development

My name is Stephan Swinford, and I’ve been using and customizing Ministry Platform for 5 years.

Let me help you to unlock the “power of the platform” with customizations, integrations, and automations. Reduce time-consuming data cleaning tasks and unlock new possibilities with smart integrations.

A Few Things I’ve Done…

Widgets and Styling

MP Widget CSS &
Advanced Customizations

Match your existing branding, change layouts, and more

Prayer WAll

Show recent MP prayer requests or other feedback items on your website.

Custom Widgets

When you have MP data that needs to be on a webpage.

Communications and Messaging

SMS Opt-In

Automatically send an opt-in confirmation message to new phone numbers.

SMS Event Reminders

Send reminders to a participant’s
phone number.

SMS Birthday Message

Wish a Happy Birthday to a congregant’s phone number.

Automated Data Processing

Contact Handling

Automatically create or match your Event, Group, Form, and Payment Default Contacts

Address Validation

Custom address validation to meet your specific needs

SQL Procedures

Custom routines for data management, notifications, and API.

API Integrations

PDF Generation

Automatically generate and email PDF’s from Milestones and other records

Eventbrite Participant Integration

Synchronize Eventbrite attendees to Contacts and Event Participants.

P4C Deposit & Payments Batching

Bring your P4C Payment Deposits into MP and link with MP Payments for reporting.

Brewing Ideas

Chatgpt chat assistant

An intelligent SMS chat assistant powered by ChatGPT and infused with your data.

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